Residential Asphalt Installation in Elkhart, IN

When it comes to constructing and fixing paved surfaces outside of your home, nobody is able to deliver that next level of quality quite like the team at Asphalt Maintenance & Construction. Our experienced contractors have the training, skills, and equipment necessary to bring any project to life.

Whether you want us to replace your driveway, maintain your new walkways, or are in need of some asphalt installation in Elkhart, IN, we’ve got you covered. We complete jobs the right way the first time. Contact us to schedule a consultation to see for yourself why so many homeowners choose us to upgrade their surfaces.

Professional Contractors at Your Service

With more than 30 years of industry experience, our talented team knows just what it takes to complete any asphalt job you need us to work on successfully. For instance, when maintaining surfaces, we use the right tools and materials to fill in every crack and hole to ensure the results you are after. We also perform the necessary prep work before we get started, including grading, leveling, and cleaning the entire work area.

Protecting Your Investmen

Extend the lifespan of your asphalt driveway and keep it looking great for years to come with the help of our contractor. Asphalt is held together by binding agents that are slowly leeched from the surface by the constant assault of UV rays and the various chemicals leaked from automobiles.
If you want to keep your asphalt surfaces looking their best for the longest time possible, it is crucial to slow down this wear and tear. Thankfully, with our asphalt sealing services, you can rest easy knowing you are protecting your surface and improving the overall look at the same time. The chemical seal we use is excellent for:

  • Slowing Down Natural Wear & Tear
  • Restricting the Fading Process
  • Speeding Up the Snow Melting Process
  • Boosting Your Curb Appeal

Ready to Hear from You

Our family-owned-and-operated asphalt company takes great pride in our workmanship, and we know that homeowners will be proud of the quality results we deliver for many years to come. If you have a project that you want us to complete, such as installing a blacktop driveway, reach out to us right away. Our residential asphalt experts are ready to reduce the hassle of home renovation projects for homeowners located throughout:

Bristol, IN Dunlap, IN Elkhart, IN Goshen, IN Middlebury, IN
Mishawaka, IN Osceola, IN Cassopolis, MI Niles, MI Union, MI